Express Repairs

Let us know you need an express repair when you check in! 

We know how it is when someone spills a jack n' coke all over your CDJ on a Turnt-Tuesday, leaving you in the lurch for the weekend. For an extra fee we can make your repair a top priority.

And yes, we can have your Technics 1200 ready for you by tomorrow.

Mail-in Repairs

Ship your gear to us for service, and have it back much faster than sending it to the manufacturer for repair. There are no additional fees for mail-in repairs outside of standard shipping rates. We will contact you once we receive your item, and will bill your credit card once we have completed the repairs. Fill out the form below with your needs and we will contact you shortly to ensure we are able to help, or call us (888-552-5172). Then pack it up and send it to us!

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Do you need an express repair?