Our fees for Mixers and CDJs have gone down. We now charge based on labor hours rather than a flat bench fee. This means that quick-turnaround repairs, like fader replacements and circuit board swaps will be much easier on the pocket book. More complex repairs, like DDJs will stay generally in the same ballpark as before.

We are a Brooklyn shop dedicated to repairs of turntables and mixers from Technics, Rane, Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Alesis, Akai, M-Audio, Fostex, Novation, Nord, Mackie Speakers and now Vintage Synths, Space Echos, and Drum Machines. We offer competitive rates on top notch, guaranteed repairs. Trusted by many of the best DJs, Clubs, and Entertainment pros in and around the NYC area, and across the country. 

NYC area pick ups are available for venues and bars. 

We are now servicing Vintage Synths and Space Echos!