Our specialty! First, all turnables go through a cleaning and calibration process. We bring the motor and brake back to factory spec, calibrate the zero point on the pitch fader, lubricate the spindle and any joints that need it, check the power supply, measure the electrical resistance of the tonearm and RCAs, and finally, make it look as good as possible. 

When we need to replace RCA cables, we use Mogami Golds, which are superior to the original and most other cables. We use genuine Panasonic parts for tonearms, pitch faders, motor parts, and everything else. You can tell us what you need done, or let us give your table a full diagnostic. Either way, we write you up a full quote with all fees clearly stated.

We also offer special services like LED mods in any color, Japanese-to-US transformers conversion, Internal grounding, and more.


Your show is tomorrow night. You don’t need full service but your RCAs are in need of some love. Let us help you out with high-quality Mogami Gold RCAs. Internal or original ground. Turnaround time 1 day or less. Come to us before 3PM and it’ll be done by end-of-day