Ortofon, JICO, Decksaver...Sooo many new goodies for sale!

Just got done updating the “essential extras” section of our site to reflect all the new cartridges, slip mats, and other stuff we are now selling! We now carry carts and styli from Ortofon, the JICO n-44 Shure replacement needle, and various other must-haves.

While I’m not too keen on website maintenance, I am definitely glad that we are finally able to offer some of the best and much-needed products for you.

I know, it’s crazy how long it took, but we’ve finally branched out into retail a bit. And this feels a little strange— as we’re much happier fixing stuff than selling it—but it has become obvious that in our mission to serve the working DJ/Musician, it only makes sense that we should offer everything you need to go directly from DJ Fix to your gig.

We are also working on a new run of some very clean slip mats designed by Michele Luger, which should be ready for sale very soon.

PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU NEED! We are much happier selling stuff you actually need rather than a bunch of random crap.

Love ya,