DJ FIX welcomes SnazzyFX!

We've recently welcomed Eurorack module and pedal designer-profi, Dan Snazelle to our shop. Dan has moved out of the now-closed Silent Barn in Bushwick, and will be now operating his amazing workbench at DJ Fix!

Not only did we score in terms of gaining such a respected brand to share our space, but we also get Dan's brilliant mind to share in deep electronics knowledge. Dan will be lending us a hand in amp repairs, allowing us to finally address all those ailing Crown amps out there. 

But the big news is that you can count on seeing some new, custom-designed DJ Fix products coming out. These will be super useful tools for performing DJ/electronic musicians used to bridge the gap between turntables and synths. These items will be lovingly designed in collaboration with Dan, and hopefully will allow a brand new way to make music! Stay tuned!